Requirements Gathering
When starting any project, its important to understand busness requirements, iron out differences of opinion and clarify the brief.

I conduct as many of the following as possible:

Stakeholder interviews , Requirements workshops , Goals & prioritisation excercises , Use case excercises

These work for self-started and client projects alike.
User Research
The user voice is critical to all phases from this point on. I have conducted:

Usability tests , Guerilla tests , Recruitment ,
User surveys , Remote task testing , Analytics , Expert reviews , Site audits and Customer interviews .

I'm naturally empathetic, and I love speaking to people. Its amazing how open they can be (given the right incentives).
There are many ways to analyse and present results of workshops and research.

I have yet to do all of them (e.g. Task Models), but I'm always looking out for the right project to test the theory. So far in my career I have produced:

User Journeys , Process flows , Analytics reviews , Customer experience maps and countless
Powerpoint decks full of recommendations.
Concepts & Storyboards
At this point I like to re-visit the brief and generate some ideas. Ideally this should be a collaboration between all stakeholders, developers and designers (e.g. in Ideation workshops). To date, I have conducted:

Brainstorming sessions , Rapid sketching excercises , Card sorting , Prioritisation (again) .

These sessions take a bit of planning, but are great fun and provide great input for storyboards , IA and sketching .
Prototypes & Design
Most of my early work in digital was visual design - using Adobe Creative Suite - and I consider this to be a valuable, but not essential, asset in my UX skillset.

This phase consists of Wireframing , Prototyping , Visual concepts and Hi-fidelity designs .

I am including wireframes in here because increasingly I jump straight from sketching/storyboarding into Axure , where I can generate wireframes at the same time as interactive prototypes (great for quick guerilla tests).

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